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ET Now 05 June 2023 Mr.Jigar

Jigar Mistry in conversation with ET Now

CNBC TV18 02 June 2023 Jigar Mistry

Jigar Mistry in conversation with CNBC TV 18

letter 122

Power sector ailments, and the new Electricity Act

Letter #122 Strong power demand (higher than GDP growth in 2 of the past 3 years) and possible enactment of the new Electricity Act in the monsoon session have many investors excited. And if implemented earnestly, it has the potential …

Letter 121

Crude, forex, rates and equity markets

Letter no # 121   Crude oil is down 12% (1m) and 33% since Jun-22. India imports 87% of its requirements; lower prices are good. But, counteracting forces often play out. Crude impacts India’s BOP, inflation, govt. finances and rates. …