Why Buoyant

Buoyant Capital provides investment management and advisory services for Indian equity, underpinned by strong investment values that aim to deliver tangible results for all stakeholders over the long-term. Besides segregated managed accounts for leading global institutions, Buoyant offers investment services through a wide array of fund vehicles domiciled in India, Ireland, Mauritius, and the UK to individual and institutional investors in India and worldwide. Buoyant has investment research teams based in India and Singapore, and additional sales and distribution offices in Switzerland and the UK. Buoyant’s performance-first investment culture is founded upon the four pillars: stock selection-based philosophy, high calibre research team, disciplined analytical process, and balanced portfolio construction framework.


Since inception CAGR is 20.7% Click to view Post fees/expenses

Top-3 PMS

Aggregator data

Senior Team

Thorough Research
Capital Mindset

8% Of AUM

Skin in the game
Corporate/directors’ investment


No model portfolio
Managed account,
Unique operations


Aggressive / Defensive, Cross cycle investing


Viral Berawala in conversation with CNBC Bajar

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