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Clicks to bricks: things may not be as bad as we fear


Clicks to bricks: things may not be as bad as we fear

Letter # 77

Every new crisis forces us to generalize the sentiment into simplistic statements. Facts, nevertheless, often tend to be very different.

In today’s article in the Economic Times, I share
(a) some facts (how indices have behaved during previous crises, and months after that)
(b) a very distinguished opinion (that of Peter Thiel, on how “golden rules” were formed after the dotcom crash and how the successes that followed were built by totally ignoring those)
(c) and cap it with how we think about the current situation (by differentiating between the “knowable” and “unknowable”, and how we are dealing with the latter).

Read the article in ET here: STOCK MARKET: Clicks to bricks: Things may not be as bad for investors as we fear – The Economic Times (

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