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To break the rules, you must first master them

Letter #104

To break the rules, you must first master them

Letter # 104

A week is a long time in the crypto world, they say. And, a lot has happened over the past week that, when broken down to its bare bones, leaves us with the feeling – what were they thinking! Usurp traditional finance by all means, but make it better, not worse.

You have probably read a lot already about the collapse of FTX. This week, we analyze, in layman’s terms, what went wrong at FTX and why this may not be the last of the system crashes we will hear about.

This article is not so much investment advice (although we do have one solution to this mess) as much as it is gratitude for how robust the systems within traditional centralized finance have become over the decades. There is learning in there for crypto fans, and equity investors alike.

However, that makes it more of a weekend read than one during working hours; and hence, the weekend release. Read it here:

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