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US Generics: time for a cyclical upturn?


US Generics: time for a cyclical upturn?

Letter # 119


A 1984 Act, an audacious 2002 Para IV filing, and Indian Pharma was never the same again. Companies went from “copycats” to “formidable global generics players” in about 15 years. Early investors made billions in wealth.


And then came the slump. The shares of a few companies fell as fast as they rose, and a few have come down faster.

For many investors, the Pharma sector is all jargon – not worth investing time/effort in decoding it. In our ET article today, we present a simplified, yet logical perspective on factors that drive the sector, and why a cyclical upturn may be on the horizon.

And of course, a list of stocks that benefit the most.


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