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Power sector ailments, and the new Electricity Act

letter 122

Power sector ailments, and the new Electricity Act

Letter #122

Strong power demand (higher than GDP growth in 2 of the past 3 years) and possible enactment of the new Electricity Act in the monsoon session have many investors excited. And if implemented earnestly, it has the potential to change India’s electricity landscape. But… alas, there is always a “But”.

Our ET article today has two broad strokes. One, it deals with the state of the industry as it stands today; how each sub-vertical stacks up on the returns profile. Two, it takes a look at the historical reform attempts starting in 2002 and what went wrong where. It is too large a problem to be left alone and hope a solution emerges. Strong action is called for;

Read here as to what should it entail:

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